Even without scaling for both characters Fuji feats outclass pains quantifiably. 6 tailed naruto has 0 relevant speed feats so you are being hypocritical. He can win by spamming gravity blade. I think OP just doesn't have anyone who can properly debate. But even if we assume Pica is ''mountain'' sized, well that's on the surface. You need to try harder than that. You get the point. Yuki Meow. You had no way to prove Minatos teleportation is faster than laws which argument was bunk because you had 0 way to scale pain to bee, and even if you did Fuji did the same without scaling so moot point. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page . Fujitora … Meaning picas waist is several hundred meters and his top half was longer than his bottom half, again you do not know what you are talking about. @skrskr: @el_directo_: @alextheboss: @shirso: @zxc6: I just noticed, Fujitora is blood-lusted, which means he can't use CoO which means he's completely blind... How does he win this? Pain was when levelled Konoha. Putting admirals against characters under kcm naruto is so disrespectful. Pain is more tactical and can scatter around the field until they can overwhelm him with summons, rockets, ST. Mach 29 is not impressive at all by one piece standards. -Obito's V2 Jinchurikis were tagging KCM Naruto, 6 Gated Gai and Killer Bee in the war. Erza feats and scaling puts her way above Fujitora. Pain has summons that can fly, missiles, and Chou-ST that destroyed Konoha would readily stop Fuji. 9 Trafalgar Law. Good try though. Go. Follow 1066. @skrskr: Jesus Christ...Do you even read? In terms of sheer destructive feats, Pain busted a city and created multi-island sized asteroid, Fujitora doesn't have any DC feats. He only has CoO for reactions. Killer Bee is fast enough to react to Minato's Hirashin and Minato's teleportation is faster than all of One Piece combined. I agree his CoO is excellent but it can still be overwhelmed by the numerous summons and attacks. 25 août 2018 - Découvrez le tableau "Fujitora" de ARTHUR.B sur Pinterest. 1 day ago. Er hat kurze schwarze Haare und zwei große Narben im Gesicht, die von seinen Augen bis zu seiner Stirn gehen, wo sie sich überkreuzen. He has short dark hair, a mustache, and a beard. Fujitora vs. Jack (Recent Chapter) Thread starter NUMBA1TROLL; Start date Feb 29, 2016; What happened? Pain, on the other hand, tagged 6 Tailed Naruto who is faster than any One Piece character apart from Kizaru's intangible form, thus Pain would run circles around Fujitora. I agree that Zoro can keep up for a bit, but the issue is that Sabo actually has an extensive fight against Fujitora unlike Zoro. This means he reacted to a point blank MHS meteor from feet away casually. Nagato can use soul dragon to kill him from a distance. It's where your interests connect you with your people. They have different similar powers but they're still different. Gear third is massively above gear 2 in power and Luffy did this in gear 2 with no haki. 26. Fujitora cannot rush 6 bodies at different corners. Pain has far more speed than Fuji but with Haki and Gravity, he's not getting blitzed. Fuji pins and drops a larger-than-house sized meteor. It's stated you need a calm mind to utilize CoO, which you wouldn't have whilst Blood-lusted. You can’t even write proper English. Fujitora vs. Luffy, Law, and Zoro Discussion in 'One Piece Battledome' started by NUMBA1TROLL, Aug 29, 2015. Who wins? 10km is still more than half of Dressrosa's size by this calc: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Damage3245/Dressrosa_Size_Calc. the first meeting between zorro and fujitura , zorro suprised fujitura about his power he could resist and counter fujitura attack He seems to be very tall, a trait shared with other admirals.Like other admirals, Fujito… As they battle, however, Luffy calls out what his next attack will be before performing i… Erza has him beat in striking strength but that’s not enough. They didn't react to Shambles itself, they reacted to what happens afterwards. This is almost spite in favour of the admiral ...Fuji in the naruto verse would be around hashirama lvl and it's sad seeing people think pain even has a chance. Votes: 16 59.3% Jack saved Doflamingo's ass. All he ever crushed were mere fodders. No one will say these guys are being toxic and lowballing/wanking, I‘m willing to bet. Pain at his deathbed wheelchair lifted mountain ranges. Roronoa Zoro Manga Anime Tek Parça Illustration Korsanlar. Der Kimono wird von einer dunkelvioletten Bauchbinde gehalten. Fujitora could handle all the trash of Dressrosa with no effort, so another miserable pile of garbage just make him laugh. Spamming meteors would also hurt him. Kapitels, das im November 1999 in Ausgabe 50/’99 der Shonen Jump erschien, ehe es im 13. -On what basis does Fujitora have better gravity than Pain? Law finishes talking with Sengoku, who refuses to discuss the D. in the former's name and says that the best way to honor Donquixote Rosinante's memory is to keep living. That guy went up against and was stomping bee and kcm Naruto? I think Mihawk know Zoro’s heart, so this is a good way to avoid fighting Zoro, since Zoro will be emotional. Pain isn't going to rush him with knowledge of his gravity or haki. You still haven't shown what Fujitora's speed feats are. Issho ist ein großer Mann mittleren Alters, welcher außerdem blind ist. Zoro is faster and unless her durability scales to her DC/AP, she isn't tanking Zoro's attacks. Do you not see those trees in comparison to those “mountains”. Your rants are looking sad at this point. Bloodlust Fujitora wipe the floor with Pain. Only way he wins is with gravity blade, but both have knowledge. Pain only viable techniques are Shinra and CT, Shinra has a 5 sec delay making it useless and CT has no attack more so against someone who has the gravity fruit. Which is a better feat by far than Mach 29 casually. Law was spamming teleports to get away and to attack it is literally the same thing as Minato a teleports. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème one pièce manga, manga, one piece. I also agree Zoro vs mihawk won't happen. Another claim. and fuji is gonna hit pain way easier than the other way around even if both are equal in speed. So In closing you had no way to scale 6 tails to v2 bee like I said. Hype, personal attacks, but evidence is consistently absent! Funji is over hyped. If you say one persons instant teleportation is faster than someone else’s instant teleportation you are being biased so that point is moot. Fujitora hasn't shown his best feats, but with what he's shown he loses to Pain. I can use your logic too. Pointless scaling show actual feats. Ah, yes...destroying a small-mountain sized meteor makes Erza country level...smh, Erza is pretty strong and versatile, but Fujitora can blitz her pretty badly before she can do anything, and he is at LEAST, at her level of strenght, if not above. With full knowledge he's entirely capable of avoiding Pain's 1 shot moves, and he has greater Gravity so I doubt CT would do much. Fuji also no sold luffys full power gear third strike. He would just cancel it. When something is further, you see it smaller. Fujitora was introduced for the first time at Dressrosa. Like I get a debate but he isn't stomping him. He follows Blind Justice. A 4th grade kid can write better grammar than you, loser. Die deutsche Fassung trägt den Titel… Bloodlusted Fuji gravity pins them instantly and rains meteors on them until they die, not debatable. by feats/scaling Erza crushes Fujitora. Marines seeing the meteor mean nothing as even normal humans can see meteors up to the 200 Mach given the brightness and size. His portrayal is superior based on position alone, too. These are the ones that I could find, but I am sure that if you zoom, you can see that the meteor is not even remotely close to country level. Zoro is extremely skilled in the way of the sword, and he can use Busoshoku Haki to quite a good effect. Unter seinem Marinemantel trägt er einen hellvioletten Kimono und einen langen violetten Schal. Lmao...I'll agree that Fujitora has shown better versatility than Pain did, but in terms of sheer power, Pain is in a different world I'm afraid. Votes: 5 18.5% Jack got his ass whooped hard. Go and google what a mountain looks like. Truthfully, any battle – no matter how short – including either Zoro or an admiral will be worthwhile. I am pretty sure that the definition of Bloodlust is do anything in order to win as fast as possible. Almighty Jack kills Tora-kun and buried him alongside Ace and WB. And 6 Tailed Naruto is faster than, apart from Kizaru's intangible form, One Piece characters. Now it’s your turn to give a quantifiable feat for pain that requires no scaling. Erza is Island level while Fujitoras is City level With only house sized meteors? He has eaten the Stomp-Stomp Fruit (Zushi Zushi no Mi), which is a Devil Fruit that allows him to manipulate gravitational forces at will, granting him truly destructive combat abilities. This may changed when we see more of Fujitora's feats, I’ve noticed Woodward and anime freak always say the OP character loses. Fujitora gravity wouldn't work on Pain to begin with. Fujitora is a blind man with only the whites of his eyes showing, though he usually keeps both eyes closed. But even then, FRS is faster and Pain dodged it at point-blank, making Pain faster than Fujitora by huge magnitudes. The trees look ''similar'' to mountains in size because it's called perspective. Fujitora wins. The "he has a devil fruit therefore he is not a swordsman" thing is a fanmade concept destroy by the fact that Oda … Fujitora gets at most a bruise or two. All he ever crushed were mere fodders. Fuji can't do that. @limitlesssigil: fujitora saw just fine when he was angry at Luffy for going easy on him. @limitlesssigil: yeah that makes sense, but it’s kinda of like would crush argument. Next Last ••• More options Who Replied? kaydeden ayi pamungkas. Zudem trägt e… An average mountain weighs a billion ton, and Pain at his deathbed lifted something like 20: Lifting multi-mountains > lifting rubble of wooden and brick buildings. How is Zoro irrelevant when he has better strength feats than characters wel above pain? I don't think he can take Nagato. Bloodlusted =/= being slightly mad though. Look at Luffy vs Fujitora, Luffy couldn't even fight at full power because he likes Fujitora. He stomps. Healthy Nagato would be a better match. Naruto's Chakra cloak would naturally be stronger, as Kyubi is strongest Biju but even if we don't go by that premise, V2 Chakra cloaks is by far physically superior speed-wise than the standards of One Piece. This is exactly what happened to Jiraya. None of Pains attacks are hitting Fujitora since; Again, Fujitora's Gravity is superior so Shinra Tensei/Bansho Tenin aren't doing anything, Fujitora is more than fast enough to avoid every attack from Pain while assisted with his CoO, Fujitora can fly, which completely makes almost every Path of Pain irrelevant. I mean, I did say my opinion could change when we see more of Fujitora's feats, but he loses as of now. We have no durability feats for Kizaru while we know how tough is Akainu plus Akainu doesn't fu*k around lol! Stop being a moron. Zoro in new world is looking like an animal, literally no challenges in new world except Fujitora, literally destroying everyone in his path. Spamming meteors would be as lethal to Fuji, and rubble can be dodged. Fujitora is honorable and reasonable man who deeply cared for civilian safety and well-beings instead of arresting and punishing pirates and criminals. They don’t have the strength feats to resist the pin. Show one strength feat that will allow pain to move under Fuji’s gravity pin. Dodging the rasenshiriken isn’t impressive given the range, even if we say it crossed a whole 10km in a second that would be Mach 29 which is a generous distance given those trees in comparison to the hole, which is laughable reaction speeds. Billions of tons is wrong, unless those trees are 100 meters tall which they aren’t. @eobard21: @animebattles12: Zoro does not have country level feats. But Akainu vs Kizaru is very debatable. deactivated-o78sdg008. Erza can‘t beat Zoro an Admiral is out of her league by far. -Uh, clearly haven't read Naruto then. Oro Jackson. Pain > Fujitora in speed by feats. If he can bring down multiple meteors on Dessrosa there's no reason he can't throw her into space. Katakuri is a top tier CoO user, but he still has to focus on user at a time. He has casually reacted to his own meteor from point blank range, said meteor made it to them from somewhere far outside earths atmosphere in Seconds in the manga. All he ever crushed were mere fodders. Zorro vs Fujitora. He chooses not to kill with his power you would know this if you actually followed one piece, he always chooses to arrest them over killing them which is why Doflamingo attempted to clash with him as he refused to kill law and only kept him pinned so he couldn’t escape. Poll Erza vs Fujitora (53 votes) Erza bisects him 36% . And then the main character crew were shocked by 50% Mercuphobia lifting a sea. Fujitora does not have the defense. Harumi2Zoldyck. Did 6 tails ever out speed v2 bee? --------------------------------------------------. Real name Issho, Fujitora is one of the new admirals who replaced Kuzan and Akainu after the timeskip, and is the first new admiral to be introduced after the timeskip. Messages: 503 Likes Received: 4 Trophy Points: 18 Joined: Aug 19, 2015. Tags: fujitora; issho; zoro … Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Looking at this trolls post history I regret ever mentioning him lol. -All Jinchurikis can use V2 Chakra cloaks, which gives them similar physical stats. The difference in power between … @skysanji: Fujitora hasnt done anything to prove hes above current Luffy by feats. Suddenly, Luffyarrives and attacks Fujitora, not intending to run away from admirals anymore. I know you are an idiot when you say teleportation does not equal teleportation. However, the exact level of his skill isn't known just yet. @limitlesssigil: All of you said are fanfics driven by your personal favouritism. At this point there is no reason to respond to you, you are the only person in this thread that thinks pain stands a chance. Zoro's sword attack still escaped from the Fuji's gravity. G3 Luffy gave Fujitora a little scratch and then nearly got sent to the sea like a fodder. Also Zoro is way faster than her and actually kind of damaged kaido too. Still, Erza has come a fair way. So FRS covered half of Dressorsa in just one second, so yeah that is super-fast by OP standards, assuming the crater is 10km which appears to be a lot bigger than 10km. Pica literally has 3 story buildings sticking out all over his body that you can’t even see in relation to his size because he is so large. Lol at people think Pain has a chance against bloodlust Admiral, Fujitora has much better control of Gravity and can literally one shot every path except the Deva path, Fujitora bringing down meteors wouldn't hurt him at all, if he's ever in danger of bringing one down onto himself he can just launch it back into space like he did against Doffy and Law, Fujitora can crush every path of pain with Gravity and none have the physicals to say they can resist it. They were mountains because of the shape they were designed at. Pain was out-running 6 Tailed Naruto, so that quantifiable feat speaks enough. She's an island-level while Fujitora is city-level. The Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law, is one of the Worst Generation, and he has a bounty of 500 … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. -Considering Fujitora couldn't crush Zoro, Traf and Luffy whom all are tiers below Pain, then he can't do shit. It's rather obvious to anyone who read both mangas and measured by OBD. Stonger gravity. You realize that doffys overheat whip crossed green bit and hit somewhere in dressrosa in less than a second right? Not the same case with Hirashin, where Minato combines his striking-speed and teleportation itself. That's a claim. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. AP does exist...though, I agree with Mercuphobia lifting a sea being a bad example. @skrskr: 6 Tailed Naruto is either on par or faster than V2 Jinchurikis, who can all tag Killer Bee and 6 Gated Gai. Fujitora has dominion over the gravity with his devil fruit. @ecoblitz: Because they are always pinned against a character they lose to, no shit. Pain has knowledge and each path would encircle him while remaining outside of his range, but they can attack much easier from range with summons, missiles, CST. Fuji cannot spam multiple meteors at 6 different moving targets because of his attention, but Pain can move multiple perspectives as one unit. Fuji causally lifted millions of tons of rubble in dressrosa, he competed lifted picas old body including every piece of rubble in dressrosa. They're different attacks. Yes, as you said, millions of rubble being a collection of wood and brick buildings using his full power. 7 Fujitora vs Zoro. If Zoro is able to beat Fujitora, then Oda wouldn't have interfere the fight and just make Zoro fight Fujitora, and beat him. Add in Zoro and Erza still beats both of them. As far as I'm concerned, Law has no worthy physical capabilities, so your comparison is moot. Shinobi Alliance fodders reacted to Edo Madara's Tengai Shinsei. @morningstar999: Your scans are tiny as hell. Pain can pull Fuji from a distance but Fuji cannot do the same. Zoro hasn't fought any strong opponents so far, making it hard to gauge his exact level of strength. Doffy cut them with his strings. Sooooooooo much … -Pain could react to 6 Tailed Naruto's blitz and was out-running him, thus that puts Pain at speed similarity to that of KCM Naruto, 6 Gated Gai and Killer Bee whom all are well faster than any One Piece character. pain needs to use a jutsu to create such gravity that doesnt mean his own body is gonna tank the same force. … I don't see a country sized meteor here. ---------------------------------------------------. He's more tactical, can revive dead members, can fire lasers, has insane number of summons, can soul rip. 3 years ago. @woodward: you are scaling him to v2 bee for what reason? erneut als viertes von neun Kapiteln veröffentlicht wurde. The marine fodders reacted to that meteor. A baseless claim, that's all. At the eastern port, Fujitora lifts all the rubble on Dressrosa high into the air, intending to drop it on the pirates and gladiators. Fuji hasn't shown he can put people under intense gravity when they're far. Weitere Ideen zu Vergangenheit. And people say Naruto doesn't have wankers, Turns out pain went all out and displayed his best feats and still yet fujitora casual feats are at the very least on par with pains best even though fuji was holding back. @animebattles12: Pretty sure it does man. Not only that, Pain while fatigued dodged Rasenshuriken that's fast enough to cover Chibaku Tensei's crater, which fit mountain range inside it, while OP characters take a lot covering distances inside cities and Naruto characters can cover continents in just minutes. -Considering Fujitora couldn't crush Zoro, Traf and Luffy whom all are tiers below Pain, then he can't do shit. An seinen Armen besitzt er zudem weiße Bandagen und weiße Handschoner. even more so if friendship is involved. Fuji reverses Gravity on her then let's her fly away. Discussion in 'General One Piece Discussion' started by Celestial D. Dragon, Dec 5, 2013. Current Erza is Sprigan 12 Tier possibly slightly stronger, Celestial Spirit King, War God all have massively superior sword feats to anybody in one piece and one of those guys was one shot by Natsu of that arc who was still overpowered by a Sprigan 12, War God/CSK are Admiral tier in Battle power. Tankōbon Daijōbu!!! Because I'm bored of responding to you I'm just going to say one thing. Pain's massive Shinrai Tensei can't be negated by Fuji. There is not one feat pain has on this level of gravity manip, and he has a range advantage since he can literally pull meteors from space unlike pain. Fuji's gravity manipulation does not negate Pain's outward push. 1; 2; 3; Next. Sword fights are always welcome, even more so when they are between two equally skilled swordsmen – Zoro and Admiral Fujitora. You can conclude Fuji is casually faster than Pain from simple feats of the verse from people massively below Fuji. Fujitora gravity pins ... Zoro is already around her level, Fujitora is way above that level. So no, Fujitora using his full power to lift debris of wood and brick buildings is pathetic and tiny to Pain lifting 20+ mountain range whilst dying. Too bad OP characters still statue most FT ones. Fujitora lacks the defense from the versatile attacks and coordination of Pain. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. They don’t have the speed feats to say they can compete with Fuji. ルフィVSゾロ, Rufi bāsasu Zoro) ist der japanische Originaltitel des 112. -How can you conclude Fujitora is faster than Pain, when Fujitora has never displayed any speed since his introduction? He has an X-shaped scar centered on the left side of his forehead that stretches over both eyes, which was actually self-inflicted due to his decision to blind himself. Pain can pull object towards him. Luffy VS Zoro (jap. He is one of the two new Admirals who were recruited by the World Military Draft. other than that Pain has pretty much crap/trash tier level physical stats in comparison to even the weakest of pirates, even Pre time skip luffy can easily punch nagato/pain to death in a single hit, such a flaw fighting character really no need for similar DC or AP at all, anyone with superior stats to pain can easily kill him. Erza low diff. -Given Fujitora has no defence, especially to something more powerful than anything seen in One Piece, then he gets one-shotted, even if you don't like it. It's connecting dots to the prove the assertion.