One night, burglars enter the store, and the worker is arrested again. Karen and the girls now live in a small apartment, but Henry vows to move them to a better place. Butch and Sundance ride hard through the day into the evening, returning to the friendly bordello, but their efforts to throw off the pursuers fail, forcing them to escape into the night. Listening nearby, Terry is disturbed by Edie’s indictment and later joins Charley, Friendly’s lawyer and accountant, at a meeting with Friendly and his lackeys. While the group rests, Galadriel shows Frodo, who is fearing the futility of his quest, the consequences of his failure and encourages him to believe that even the smallest person can change the course of the future. Later, Joey apologizes for his angry words and begs Shane to return to the homestead. Sickened but determined to protect his mother, Norman wraps Marion’s body in the shower curtain and after cleaning the room, deposits her corpse and belongings into the trunk of her car. The next morning, Elliott rides his bicycle into the park, dropping a trail of Reese’s Pieces candies behind him, but quickly returns home when he notices a man inspecting the area. Meanwhile, Harris orders the Air Force to “expend all remaining” within the surrounding perimeter. Overcome with emotion, Sophie and Stingo make love, but Sophie leaves him with a note stating that her guilt has driven her back to Nathan. Forrest runs so fast that the braces come off of his legs. Blanche DuBois arrives in New Orleans by train, and follows a sailor's directions to take a streetcar named "Desire" to her sister Stella Kowalski's apartment at Elysian Fields in the French Quarter. On a particularly busy day, he delivers guns to Jimmy in the morning, but Jimmy rejects the weapons and sends him away. They deliver the briefcase to Marsellus, as he is cutting a deal with a boxer named Butch, who agrees to throw an upcoming boxing match. After tempers have cooled down, Jurors 8 and 9 point out the inconsistencies in the prosecution's version of events on the night of the murder, and Juror 9 is especially convincing when he notes problems with the testimony of a prosecution witness who, like himself, is elderly. Later, while David is buying raw meat for Baby in a small town store, Susan is forced to steal a stranger's car whose back seat the leopard has suddenly occupied. Still broke, Lucky and Pop check into the same hotel as Penny and her older single friend, Mabel Anderson, and try to win a tuxedo from a drunk gambler on the night of the audition. In Sparta, Mississippi, one hot September night, the murdered body of wealthy industrialist Philip Colbert is found in an alley. The next day, Joe awakens to find that all his belongings have been moved from his apartment, and that Norma has settled his debts. That night, Sugar sneaks to Jerry’s berth to thank him for his action, then abruptly jumps into the berth to avoid Sue. After reading Roger’s note, Eve meets him in her room where he tells her of the microfilm and Vandamm’s plan to do away with her. On Wednesday evening, Howard broadcasts his final show. Production Company: D. W. Griffith; Wark Producing Corp. Goeth negotiates his release. Outside, Jake sees the man in the white suit approaching and, with Evelyn’s quick driving, is able to escape. Meanwhile, Sonny helps Ruth clean up and while they are outside, they engage in a passionate kiss and agree to meet soon. The following day, Scottie is tailing Madeleine when she comes to his apartment to leave him a note. The Elf lord Elrond begged Isildur to destroy the ring by casting it into the fires of Mount Doom, but the ring, having a life of its own, enticed Isildur to keep it for himself. In Tampa, Jimmy and Henry extort money from a local gangster. Top Ten Epic Movies Presented by AFI #1 Lawrence of Arabia. The announcement of Thursby's death draws an inquiry from a mysterious little man named Joel Cairo, who tells Sam that he is trying to recover a statue of a black falcon. By putting on the ring and becoming invisible, Frodo escapes Boromir, whom he knows is enchanted by the ring, and while in that state, sees the eye of Sauron looking for the ring and Sauron’s armies preparing for war. In 1927, fans gather at Hollywood's Chinese Theatre for the premiere of Monumental Picture's latest romantic epic. One day, while Hank is away mining, Georgia and her friends happen by his cabin. Since that time, because of the ring’s power, Bilbo has not appeared to age, although he is now celebrating his 111th birthday. Afterward, Marsellus enlists Vincent to take his wife, Mia, out on the town while he is away. Meanwhile, reigning heavyweight champion Apollo Creed learns that his next opponent, set to fight him in five weeks’ time, is injured and no worthy contender can be arranged. Meanwhile, Tony walks the streets in a daze, bewitched by the thought of Maria. That night, Charley takes Terry on a cab drive and chides him for not telling him about the subpoena. Although Green brings Martha to visit Esther, Martha instead flirts in the hall with Glenn and Bud. No sooner is she in the cab, when her pimp, Matthew, also known as “Sport,” arrives and pulls her from the car. She promises to make the news show a hit, and Hackett and Ruddy agree. Batty tells Deckard he’s seen incredible things in space, but all the moments will be lost with his death. Jim fights with Larsen over his shotgun, and after Jim prevails, the Prospector claims him as a close friend in order to remain safe. Meanwhile, Tommy DeVito, a known hothead, beats Sonny Bunz for demanding he pay his outstanding $7,000 tab. Both Martin, who endures Ethan's insults for the sake of his missing sisters, and young Brad Jorgensen, who loves Lucy, insist on joining him. Moments later, they see a ship in the distance and realize that it is Roman. As the friends eye Michael warily, he goes outside and tosses the gun away. Another afternoon, Sam takes Sonny and Billy fishing and reminisces about a time twenty years earlier when he brought a young lady friend swimming at the same spot. Andy brings the information to Warden Norton, who refuses to help, out of fear that Andy will implicate him in the money laundering scheme. Norman, irritated by Sam’s insinuations, retreats to his parlor and upon hearing Sam’s mention of his mother, knocks Sam unconscious. Malcolm realizes his gunshot wound has not gone away, and that he is, in fact, dead. While Norma receives the long-awaited attention she craves on DeMille's set, Max learns that the earlier call was an inquiry about her car, which the studio wants to use for a film. One night after a typically grueling day of chasing down suspects, Popeye convinces Cloudy to go to the local club with him for a drink. They locate Davey with a group of cowboys branding a calf. With Tom now hunted as a murderer, the family steals away under cover of night and finds temporary refuge in a government agricultural camp. Taylor wakes up the next day, surrounded by corpses. There, they find unusual footprints, which they assume were made by coyotes. Crassus is forced to banish Glabrus and retire in shame. As Barbara Jean continues to perform, Frasier opens his violin case, pulls out a gun and fires several shots at her. At home, Pop scolds Edie for walking with Terry, whom he calls a bum, and demands that she return to college. Phoebe opens the door to Addison, who has brought Eve's award, which was left in the taxi, and takes it into the bedroom. Paine knows that Jeff must not be in the Senate the next day, when the Willet Creek bill is being discussed, and so he resolves to distract Jeff with his beautiful daughter Susan. Arbogast uncovers Norman’s lie, however, and after Norman admits that Marion was at the motel, the detective appears to accept his statement that she left early in the morning. Stopping at the side of the road, Henry opens the trunk to reveal a man covered in blood, barely alive. Soon, Tommy is told that Paulie is going to “make” him, an honor neither Henry nor Jimmy can achieve because only one-hundred percent Italians can be fully initiated into the Mafia. Although Ned has also changed his ways, and his Native American wife Sally Two Trees does not approve, he is lured by the money. Noting that Billy is upset, McMurphy invites him to come along, but Billy believes he is not ready for the outside world. Just then, Nathan walks in and becomes jealously agitated by their presence alone together, but Sophie calms his perilously mounting temper. At the pizzeria, Mookie talks to Tina on a payphone and she complains that she never sees him. Crawford tells Clarice, a former student of his at the University of Virginia, that the FBI is collecting data on all imprisoned serial killers, but thus far, they have had no luck with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist who ate his murder victims, earning the nickname “Hannibal the Cannibal.” Clarice suspects the assignment is related to an ongoing investigation of “Buffalo Bill,” a wanted serial killer who skins his female victims, but Crawford denies it. Marion feigns ignorance about the headpiece, but she is tempted by Indy’s $3,000 payment and instructs him to come back the next day. Evelyn is confused by Jake’s actions, prompting him to demand that she tell him about the girl, suggesting that she killed Hollis out of jealousy and shouting that he knows that she does not have a sister. There Sugar confides that she is with the all-girl band in order to escape a series of unhappy love affairs with tenor saxophone players and dreams of finding a sensitive millionaire who wears glasses. Later, Tommy talks Henry into a double date with two Jewish girls from Five Towns, Long Island. In the jungle late at night, Taylor wakes up fellow soldier, Junior, when it is his turn to stand watch; however, Junior quickly falls back asleep, and Taylor later wakes to find soldiers from the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) circling their camp. At his family’s apartment, Bernardo lectures Maria about the dangers in America, but Anita half-jokingly scolds him, saying that in their new country, women are free to see whom they wish. Although the two misfits have a falling out when Ratso sends Joe to the sleazy room of Mr. O'Daniel, a homosexual, religious fanatic, they patch up their differences and agree to share Ratso's dismally cold room in a condemned building. In the days that follow, news reports praise Travis as a hero, and Iris' parents send him a thank you letter for bringing their daughter back to them. As time passes, Travis grows angrier. Miller agrees to join forces with Ryan’s paratrooper unit, and helps orchestrate an ambush. At the U.N., Roger requests to see Townsend, but is confused when the man he meets is not Vandamm. When Brody acknowledges that he must close the beaches, Vaughn reassures the dismayed business owners that the closure will last only twenty-four hours. At the sounding of a gong, King Kong, a gorilla-like ape of enormous proportions, emerges from the primeval jungle and grabs Ann, carrying her away like a tiny doll in his huge hand. At the hospital, Barbara Jean listens to the show’s radio broadcast, and, feeling sorry for herself, instigates a quarrel with Barnett, her husband and manager. After having a terrifying nightmare about Madeleine’s death, Scottie suffers a nervous breakdown and is institutionalized for a year. Although she plans to have a singing career, she keeps an eye out for her husband Star, a farmer who is intent on finding and taking her back home. At the nightclub, the audience is restless. He sees her drop his wedding ring, then recalls being shot. Even though Robinson is declared the new champion, Jake remains cocky and defiant. After they finish their shift, they go outside to watch Barbara Jean. She begins spending time with Mafia wives and is traumatized by their scandalous stories. Martha conceals her own vulnerability and frustration behind a show of loud vulgarity. As Stingo prepares to return home to the South, Sophie stops by the house and agrees to tell him the truth about her past: Although she deeply loved her father, she transcribed his speeches and soon became aware that he supported the Nazi plan for Jewish extermination. Leaping to the adjacent roof, Batty taunts Deckard before pulling him up from the strut. Samuel Johnson Clayton, a captain in the Texas Rangers as well as an old family friend, announces that the cattle of local rancher Lars Jorgensen have been stolen. The courtyard fills with on-lookers as Thorwald wrestles with Jeff and dangles him upside-down out the window. She explains that the head of the Union Pacific lines, E. H. Harriman, outraged by the constant robberies of his trains by the Hole in the Wall gang, has put together an exclusive posse comprised of the nation’s best lawmen to assure the demise of Butch and Sundance. Wealthy widow Gloria Teasdale forces the government of Freedonia to accept Rufus T. Firefly as its leader. While driving on the road to Aunt Elizabeth's, a distracted Susan rams into a truck carrying a load of fowl, and its cargo spills out and is devoured by Baby. Max reveals to Brian that he is married, although he and his wife lead separate lives, then persuades Brian to accept a sweater and leaves the cigarette case for him as well. There he is stunned to learn that Kaplan checked out before Eve’s purported conversation with him from the train station. Their hopes for a bright future are dimmed when a man at a roadside camp warns of no work in California, but the family continues on. The American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California, in mid-June 2000 selected America's 100 Funniest Movies with a blue-ribbon panel or "jury" of more than 1,800 leaders of the American movie community including actors, directors, screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, historians, film … Taking advantage of the baron's absence, Max enters the children in the Salzburg Festival. Several men bristle in anger upon seeing Terry at the meeting, and Kayo tells Father Barry that no one will talk out of fear that Friendly will find out. However, as Miss Gulch rides away on her bicycle with Toto in her basket, the dog escapes and returns home. Will warns Helen about Frank, and she admits that she has sold her store and plans to depart on the noon train. When Holden asks him to describe his mother, Kowalski shoots the agent. Joe aids Shane in the fracas, until Grafton, fed up with the destruction, demands a halt. He identifies himself as Jack Gordon and leads her inside. After Rick helps a young Romanian couple win enough money at roulette to allow them to leave the country, Lazlo, suspecting that Rick has the letters, asks to buy them. Steve, whose father is prominent in the Moose Lodge, delivers the organization’s scholarship check to Curt, but his friend is having second thoughts and confides that he may instead attend the local city college for a year. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, Producer: Jack L. Warner|76481||Hal B. Wallis|65158, Writer: Julius J. Epstein|91294||Philip G. Epstein|125022||Howard W. Koch|71536. The gamin tries to make a home for him in an abandoned shack, and this time, when he is released, his factory has reopened. Paine finally breaks down, and after attempting suicide outside the senate chamber, confesses that everything Jeff has said is true. Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., Lightstorm Entertainment , Paramount Pictures Corp. Spartacus stands to speak, but before he can sacrifice himself, Antoninus stands and declares, “I am Spartacus.” One by one, each slave follows suit, choosing death over betraying the man who brought him freedom. Just then, a nun comes into the tower and her footsteps frighten Judy, who steps back and fall to her death on the roof below. Warden subsequently stumbles along on his crippled foot, climbing torturous mountain paths, but when they are just six hours away from the bridge, he declares that the others should continue on without him. Under his care, she survives, and they return her to bed. Travis later writes in his diary about the poor condition of the city, the disturbing people he sees, and his new job which pays him $300 to $350 per week. Spoiled heiress Ellie Andrews escapes from her millionaire father Alexander's yacht when he kidnaps her after she elopes with and marries King Westley, a playboy aviator whom Andrews thinks is a fortune hunter. When they stop at a beer garden, Brian and Max watch an adolescent boy, a member of the Hitler Youth, inspire the crowd to sing a rousing song about the future, and Brian pointedly asks Max if he still thinks the Nazis can be controlled. In an envious rage, the queen orders a woodsman to kill Snow White, who has just met the handsome and endearing Prince, in the forest. Mitch attacks Stanley, who vows that he never touched Blanche. One night, Spartacus is presented the slave woman Varinia. Shattered, Scottie looks down at her body. He follows a pair of tracks into the dirt and encounters the wrinkly, blue-eyed extra-terrestrial, which screams and runs away. Karen recalls when Eve first entered their lives: On a rainy October night, Karen arrives at the theater where Margo is starring in Lloyd's play, and is approached by Eve, who has been to every performance. Still pointing his gun at Pumpkin, he hands over the money in his wallet, and instructs him and Honey Bunny to leave. He sees the scars on her face and remarks that he must look like her now, but assures her he does not think she is ugly. Amy shoots one of the gunmen in the back before he can shoot Will, but is captured by Miller, who uses her as a hostage. Munny is kicked out in the rain, just as the prostitutes push the Kid and Ned out an upstairs window. When McMurphy returns to the ward, he shuffles in, bearing a vacant look on his face, but soon laughs and acknowledges that he is playing a joke on the men. Despite the hysterical advice of Gen. "Buck" Turgidson, who advocates limited nuclear war, the President orders U. S. land forces, under the command of Army Col. "Bat" Guano, to attack Burpelson. After murmuring that he loved Spartacus like a father, Antoninus dies, and Spartacus proclaims that “he will come back, and he will be millions.” Crassus, fearful even in his victory, orders Spartacus crucified at the gates to Rome. Holden, a Blade Runner, interrogates Leon Kowalksi, a new employee of the Tyrell Corporation suspected of being a Replicant. Unknown to Jerry, Joe has stolen Beinstock’s suitcase of clothes and eyeglasses and, dressing in them, goes to the beach where he stages an accidental meeting with Sugar. At the airport, Rick tells Ilsa, who thought that she would be staying with him, that she is to leave with Lazlo because she gives meaning to his work. When Arrius realizes that his ship is sinking, he tries to kill himself with his own knife, but Judah stops him. Messala is shocked when the man is revealed to be Judah, who shows him the seal from Arrius’ signet ring. On a dark Los Angeles night in July 1938, insurance agent Walter Neff is bleeding from a gunshot wound and slips into his office at the Pacific All Risk Insurance Co. Walter records his murder confession on the dictaphone, addressing his boss and friend, Barton Keyes, a meticulous and intuitive claims agent. Travis escapes to his apartment where he regroups and heads back out, this time to the apartment building where Sport operates. A bachelor, Jeff has been spending his days sitting in a wheelchair, watching his neighbors through the rear window of his two-room apartment. The gangster’s sister, a typist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), reports the incident. This releases his spirit from the world of the living, and he vanishes. Weak, soaking and unable to recognize his surroundings, Alex mistakenly seeks help at “HOME.” Alexander, who lost his wife to suicide just after Alex and the dross’s attack, recognizes Alex only as the man in the newspaper who was forced to submit to the police’s inhumane experiments and offers him a bath and dinner. Spartacus is able to destroy the garrison and capture Glabrus, whom he sends back to the senate with the message that the army will not be stopped. Edie demands to know if Friendly arranged Joey’s murder, and when Terry cautions her to stop asking questions, she accuses him of still being owned by the mobster. Steven, who lost both his legs in the war, doesn’t want to leave the hospital. Marian reassures Joey that Shane is not a coward, but counsels him not to become too attached to him. Unknown to Roger, Eve is an associate of Vandamm, who is also onboard the train with Leonard. After Roger changes clothes, he meets Eve who claims she has contacted Kaplan at the hotel and received explicit directions for their meeting. He rushes to the train station, threatens the Nazi officers, and retrieves Stern, who apologizes, explaining he accidentally left home without his work card. Apologizing for Miggs’s rudeness, he offers Clarice a clue, urging her, “Look deep within yourself.” He also instructs her to look up his former client, Miss Moffet. Weeks later, George goes back to work at his after school job in Mr. Gower's drugstore and prevents Gower, who has gotten drunk after learning that his son has died of influenza, from accidentally dispensing arsenic-filled capsules to a sick child. In the livery stable, Madeleine describes having lived at the mission, as if recalling Carlotta’s memories of her youth, and Scottie tries to reason with her, showing her things that she might have once seen and become confused about. When the Jets still refuse to confide in him, he tauntingly refers to their family members as drug addicts and prostitutes. Wielding a rifle, Munny demands to speak to the owner. In her castle, when the witch threatens to have Toto drowned, Dorothy offers the slippers in exchange for her dog, but the witch cannot remove them, and she remembers that the slippers will not come off as long as Dorothy is alive. The gang stops the Flyer, whose engineers are excited at being robbed by Butch, but the theft is almost thwarted by the dedicated efforts of a young clerk, Woodcock, who refuses to open the train car containing the bank safe. That night, Ann is kidnapped from the ship by natives and tied to stakes outside the huge village walls. Too young to buy whisky, Terry waits outside a liquor store for someone to purchase it for him. The newlyweds go to another auto lodge, where they ask the owners for a rope, a blanket and a trumpet. When the usually docile Cheswick demands his cigarettes, Ratched accuses McMurphy of creating the necessity of rationing their cigarettes, because he was winning their money and cigarettes in gambling. Phyllis pretends to be bereaved and is genuinely shocked at Norton's suggestion of suicide. Glenn and others apprehend him, while the dying Barbara Jean is carried away. Elster reveals that Carlotta was Madeleine’s great-grandmother, but when Scottie declares that it would be natural for Madeleine to become obsessed with her ancestor, Elster asserts that while Madeleine’s mother told him the truth, she never told Madeleine for fear of upsetting her with the knowledge of insanity in their family. During the Gold Rush, prospectors brave Alaska’s dangerous Chilkoot Pass, hoping to strike it rich in the snowy mountains. After a struggle, he stabs the timekeeper and shoots him in the head while Iris looks on, terrified. Retrieving the car at a garage owned by Toothpick Charlie, Joe and Jerry unintentionally witness Spats and his men shoot Charlie and his men to death for informing on the speakeasy. They make their way to Pizza Planet by jumping onto a delivery truck. The first of the AFI 100 Years... series of cinematic milestones, AFI's 100 Years... 100 … Dorothy rushes home greatly concerned, but a cyclone's approach causes her difficulty, and by the time she gets to the farm, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry and the three farmhands have entered the storm cellar. At the Sarah Siddons Society's annual banquet, imperious theater critic Addison DeWitt, playwright Lloyd Richards and his wife Karen, producer Max Fabian and legendary actress Margo Channing watch as Eve Harrington is presented with the theater's most prestigious award. When Sam finally returns home, Brigid, Gutman, Cairo and Wilmer are waiting. As the Union soldiers throw more logs across the tracks, Johnnie runs to the cow-catcher at the front of the train and cleverly pushes the logs off the track. While extremely competent, the recently drafted Duke and Hawkeye lack any respect for military decorum. Disgusted that Debbie has been "living with a buck," Ethan aims his gun at her, but Martin steps between them. Following Jake’s defeat, Salvy Batts, who works for boxing racketeer Tommy Como, informs Jake’s brother and manager Joey that an association with Tommy could advance Jake’s career. Another prisoner asked her to seduce Hoess and smuggle a radio in exchange for the possibility of her son’s release. After leaving Dietrichson's body on the tracks, Phyllis and Walter leave together in her car. At Isengard, after completing the creation of the Urak-Hai army, Saruman demands their loyalty to him, rather than Sauron, and sends them out in search of Frodo and the ring, so that he can become Lord of the Rings and conquer Middle-Earth. Despite being nicked by a bullet, Haven attempts to calm the crowd, telling them, “This is Nashville, not Dallas.” As Delbert leads the injured Haven from the stage, Albuquerque takes the microphone and begins to sing. At a motel, he prepares to flee town with his girl friend, Fabienne, who reveals that she forgot to pack Butch’s lucky gold watch, passed down to him by his father. American Film Institute Buggin Out, a young African-American man, becomes angry when he orders pizza from Sal and notices that the establishment’s “Wall of Fame” features pictures of white Italian-Americans only. Although Buddy is worried he will be fired, in reality the married Sheldrake is attempting to intimidate him into lending him the apartment key, and despite his cold, Buddy is buoyed by Sheldrake’s promise of an executive position. The next day Terry reports to work as usual, but is ignored by the men and refused work by Big Mac. The American Film Institute asked more than 1,500 members of the film community to pick the 100 most thrilling films of all time. The criteria for inclusion was historical significance, critical recognition and awards, and popularity determined by box-office revenue, syndication, video sale and rental figures. A search crew later finds Taylor sitting on a log, holding a grenade. Later, Saito summons Clipton and asks him to tell Nicholson that unless he cooperates, the patients in the infirmary will be forced to work. After they evade the gangsters, Jerry suggests they call the police, but Joe reminds him they will not be safe from Spats in any part of Chicago in spite of the police. Inside his apartment, he discovers a gun on the kitchen counter and surmises that someone has broken in. 01:56. After a visit to a miniature golf course, Jake takes her to the apartment he purchased for his father and ushers her into the bedroom, where a crucifix perches above the headboard. Disgusted by Susan's antics, David marches out of the apartment, but is followed down the street by both Susan and an unleashed Baby. ), Ltd. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is yet another film among the best American movies that won all five major Academy Awards. While helping Doc, Tony can think of nothing but Maria, who is at home, waiting impatiently for the end of the evening, when she and Tony can be together. During the fight, Jake offers no resistance to Fox, allowing his opponent to strike him at will until being declared the victor. Exhausted, Rocky keeps struggling to his feet, even as the commentators wonder what could possibly be keeping him up, and Mickey demands that he give up. Finally, Quick Mike has to use the outhouse, giving the Kid an opportunity to ambush him. Buggin Out and Sal have a heated argument, and Sal throws him out. Hoping to lure Thorwald out, Jeff writes him an anonymous note, asking, “What have you done with her?” After Lisa slips the note under his door, Thorwald reads it and begins packing. Finally acknowledging that Raheem is dead, Long and Ponte shove his corpse into a police car and drive it away as onlookers protest. The nine companions, whom Elrond dubs the Fellowship of the Ring, set off on their mission. Edie responds that she must stay to find out who killed Joey. When the train makes an unscheduled stop to allow two police detectives to board, Eve offers to hide Roger in her compartment overnight. and is told that Snow White, her blossoming stepdaughter, is now the "fairest one of all." Just as Schindler and the factory run out of money, Germans surrender to Allied forces, bringing an end to World War II. After Chambers telephones Norman, who confirms that Arbogast left suddenly, Norman confronts his mother, telling her that she must hide in the fruit cellar for her own protection. Finally, Mayor Jonas Henderson declares that a gunfight would hurt the town's image and that Will should have left when he had the chance. Judah also gazes in awe at the young Nazarene, not understanding why he has offered help. When President Muffley learns of the unauthorized mission, he summons his council to the War Room in the Pentagon and invites Russian Ambassador de Sadesky.